Interact Clubs

Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young people age 14-18. Interact Clubs can either be school or community based and are required to carry out at least two service projects annually — one that serves their school or community and another that furthers international understanding. Although each club is sponsored by a local Rotary club whose members offer guidance, Interact clubs are responsible for planning, financing, organizing, and executing their own projects.

The first Interact club was formed at Melbourne High School in Florida, USA on 28 October 1962. The club had 23 members. Today, there are 6,605 Interact clubs in 101 countries and an estimated 151,915 Interactors worldwide.

The following are the basic policies and procedures that govern the Interact program. More detailed information about program guidelines can be found in the Statement of Policies Relating to Interact and the Standard Interact Club Constitution and Standard Interact Club By-laws.

Each Interact club must carry out at least two service projects a year — one that benefits the school or community and one that furthers international understanding.

Each Interact club must have a Rotarian advisor who is a member of the sponsoring Rotary club. This resource person must attend Interact club and board meetings and provide advice on organizing service projects, fund-raising, and club administration. The Rotarian advisor also acts as a liaison person between the Interact club and the sponsoring Rotary club.

An Interact club can be school-based or community-based. A community-based Interact club may draw members from several different schools within the territorial limits of the sponsoring Rotary club. The Rotarian advisor must attend every meeting of a community-based club. A school-based club is subject to the policies and regulations governing all other organizations of that particular school. In most instances, a faculty counsellor — who may or may not be a Rotarian — is appointed to work with the Interactors. In the case of a school-based club, the Rotarian advisor is only required to attend the Interact club's board meetings.

An Interact club must have a minimum of 15 members.

The Interact constitution requires clubs to meet at least twice a month. To remain eligible for membership, Interactors must attend 60 percent or more of the regular meetings.

Interact clubs are self-supporting organizations that require little or no financial support from the sponsoring Rotary club.

Each Interact club must elect a new slate of officers and directors annually; the names and addresses of these individuals must be reported to the district Interact committee by the sponsoring Rotary club.

If there are five or more Interact clubs in the district, a district Interact organization may be formed, and the Interactors may elect a district Interact representative (DIR).

Dues, if any, should be minimal; money for projects and activities should be raised through club activities.

Each Interact club must submit an Incoming Officer Data Form and an Interact Project Data Form to RI annually Both of these are available at

Two Rotary clubs may jointly sponsor an Interact club with the approval of the district governor. A substantial percentage of the Interactors must be drawn from within the territorial limits of each sponsoring club, and a joint Interact committee must be established and include representatives of both Rotary clubs.

A Rotary club may sponsor more than one Interact club, provided each club draws its members from within the sponsoring club's territorial limits and has its own five-member Interact committee of Rotarians.

An Interact club is not allowed to merge with any other organisations.

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