When ?   Sunday October 13th 2019

Where ?  Start from Mooloolaba Surf Club  8am

Register here for Rotary Mental Health Walk 2019

If you are unable to participate, you may wish to make a
Donation here to Rotary Mental Health Research


Date: Sunday 13 October 2019  

What:  A Walk NOT a race from Mooloolaba Surf Club to Maroochydore Surf Club and back.   Walkers have the option to turn around at Alex Surf Club 

Who: Everyone who has been impacted by or cares about Mental Health - dogs are welcome! 

Distance: Maroochydore SLC and back - Approximately 8km                 Alex SLC and back - Approximately 4km  


1.         An opportunity for everyone to “join the conversation” about mental health and to  demonstrate that those suffering from mental health issues “are not alone”.

2.         To raise funds for Australian Rotary Health’s Mental Health research. For information visit            

Start:   8am in the area behind the Mooloolaba Surf Club. Our Patron Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG    will be there to officially start the Walk.  

Entry fee: $30 includes a t-shirt. Kids 15 and under walk for free.  

How to enter:

1.         Preferably on line  here refer link above
2.         On the day from 7am in the area behind the Mooloolaba Surf Club
 credit cards acceptable


From 7am in the area behind the Mooloolaba Surf Club - Please register and collect t-shirts.
(depending on the numbers, we might arrange for people to register and collect their t-shirts on Saturday 12/10 but that can be announced closer to the time?)


To protect the environment we will not be handing out bottled water. Participants are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and fill them at the Unity Water stand which will be available.

Major Sponsor


 The Rotary Club of Mooloolaba together with a number of other Rotary Clubs on the Sunshine Coast has for the past three years, staged a WALK FOR MENTAL HEALTH in October to coincide with Queensland Mental Health Month.


The “WALK FOR METAL HEALTH” was the brainchild of Vicki Stewart, Past President and long time member of the Rotary Club of Mooloolaba who has passionate about Mental Health. Vicki wanted to find a way to:

1.  Raise awareness of the serious mental health issues we face in all areas of our  communities, schools, homes and  workplaces.
2.  Break down the stigma that continues to plague our society so that people are more   comfortable to discuss and seek help for their mental health issues.
3.  Raise much needed funds for Australian Rotary Health (ARH) Mental Health Research  
which benefits those in the Sunshine Coast community who are suffering with mental health issues. It is important to note that 100% of the proceeds are donated to Australia Rotary  Health for mental health research programs.  

It is documented fact that in our country, every three (3) hours of each and every day, 365 days a year, someone takes their life, many of them as a result of PTSD. What is NOT so well known is that every seven (7) minutes, there is an attempted suicide, and they are only the recorded ones. Unfortunately these statistics are on the increase so something needs to be done and we feel that as a club and as Rotary, we have the power to make a difference, hence the idea of the WALK.  


The “point of difference” is that the walk is not a race. It is a family occasion offering an organised “fun” walk from Mooloolaba to Maroochydore and back. Walkers have the option to turn around at any time.  

The inaugural Walk was held in October 2016 and has grown from 200 participants and $4480 funds raised to 600 participants and $12200 raised on 2018. Our target this year is 1000 plus walkers and $25000 funds to be raised for Mental Health Research.


This is a great project because it:

1.  Raises much needed funds for ARH Mental Health Research
2.  Offers an opportunity for the Community to identify with those suffering from mental health issues.
3.  It provides an outlet for those suffering from mental health issues. For example, every year there  have been families and friends wearing their own special t-shirts honouring a loved one who  has been lost as a result of a mental health issue.

4   Will bring between 1000 and 2000 people to Mooloolaba which is good for  local businesses and tourism.

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